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Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Data Safe

Every year we’ve additional knowledge with U.S.A. as compared to the last year. On the off chance that you will trust it, 90 p.c of the info on the earth nowadays was created within the most up-to-date 2 years alone. So people area unit unquestionably wising up to the estimation of distributed storage, and we will expect that progressively of ... Read More »

How to Make Backup of Drivers

make backup of drivers

Making Backup of Windows Drivers is very important because when we  install new window our drivers delete with old window and we have to instal new drivers in new windows. Some drivers are very useful and rare which we can’t get after deleting them so it is necessary to make backup of drivers for future use. How can we make ... Read More »

How To Make USB Bootable For Windows XP

bootable usb for windows

Now the time of CD Room is passed away and now it is time of Notebook and Tablets which have no CD Room. So it is necessary  to have knowledge about USB Booting for any software. Make your USB bootable for windows XP and other windows to install windows easily in your PC, laptop, notebook etc. How to make USB ... Read More »

How to Use Nokia Mobile as Webcam

We cannot use Nokia mobile camera as webcam because Nokia has not feature of webcam by default. Nokia mobile’s cameras are best but these are only useable for making pictures not for using as webcam. But now you can enjoy your Nokia camera as webcam by our trick. Watch this video and enjoy your Nokia webcam 🙂 how to make ... Read More »

Open Youtube in Pakistan Without any Proxy Software

unblock youtube in Pakistan

Assalam O alaikum: Today I have come with a trick from which you can open YouTube in Pakistan without using any externel proxy software or any VPN. Hotspot and many other proxy programs change your IP so you can visit YouTube from Pakistan but they slow down your computer and internet speed. So those softwares are useless for slow internet ... Read More »

How To Remove Shortcut Virus from USB

shortcut virus remover

Shortcut virus is new type of virus which is popular these days. This virus is mostly found in USB and memory cards. A new antivirus is introduced which is able to remove all shortcut antivirus.It is a free antivirus which provides you facility of free scanning and removing of shortcut virus. you can download this antivirus free from here and ... Read More »

Make Sure You Have the Best Air Conditioning Service Provider


Home and office air conditioning machines are heavy-duty appliances. It takes a significant amount of stress on the machine to lower the temperature of a room. A simple look at the power usage requirements reveals the value of the mechanical stress. In fact, estimates suggest that each degree of minus temperature can increase your electricity bill by an average 6%. ... Read More »

How to Change Your DSL Wifi Password

How to change dsl wifi password

If you have PTCL DSL in your home than surely you have wifi device from which you are connected to internet. Some years ago we have to attach Ethernet cable with our computer to access the internet but now DSL modems have quality of transmitting wifi signal. From this feature you can access internet without any cable. For using wifi ... Read More »

Increase Your Battery life with Sand

increase your battery life with sand

Batteries are major source of energy nowdays. We are using mostly our electronic products which are supported by batteries like, Mobile, Laptop, UPS, tablet etc. With continues using the batteries expire soon & we have to replace them after some months.  Some batteries are cheaper which we can easily buy but some are expensive which we can’t afford to replace ... Read More »

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

How to clean a laptop keyboard

Cleaning a laptop keyboard is mind twisting task. most of people don’t know how to clean laptop keyboard in right way. Here is Video in which there is best method of cleaning laptop keyboard in right way. Watch this video and share with your friends.   Watch This Video To Learn Right Way of Cleaning Laptop Keyboard How to Clean ... Read More »

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