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Facebook Secuirty Setting To Save Your Account from Hacking

By increasing the use Facebook the chances of hacking of Facebook account have increased. There are thousands of hackers around the world who can hack your Facebook ID. Some hacker hack accounts of their enemies or from they jealous and some hacks for no reasons just for fun. But there are many major drawbacks of hacked accounts. Hackers misuse your data and pictures. Recently I posted about making data unrecoverable in Pc & Mobile after deleting it. But what about online data which is not secure & at high risk? Here are some Tips about Securing your Facebook ID so hackers can’t hack it easily.

Facebook Security Setting

Strong Password

Make your password Stronger By adding Capital letters, Digits & Special Characters like “@,#,<,>,*”. This will make your password stronger. Don’t not use your name or cell number as password it traces easily. Try to change your password on monthly bases it will make your ID more strong.

Hide Email

Hide your Email from your profile and don’t tell anybody about your Email ID. Make Email ID more secure by strong password and security questions.

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Use Alternative Email

Always keep an alternative Email in your Facebook account. Alternative Email is the Email which replaces Primary email ID if you have forgotten primary email ID password or you can’t access your Primary Email. This alternative email ID will help you to change your Facebook password in Emergency.

Mobile Number

You must activate your mobile number in your Facebook account and activate Sms alerts. This will help you when your ID becomes locked or anyone hacks your ID.

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Safe Browsing

Go to your privacy settings and chose safe browsing for making your ID more secure. By this setting whenever anybody login to your ID Facebook will send you a Sms alert in your cell phone than some one login o your account from Firefox or chrome etc.

Trusted Friends

Trusted friends are the new feature in Facebook in which you can chose your minimum three trusted friends. In case of forgetting password or any inconvenience Facebook will ask you the names of your trusted friends and you have to answer it by choosing your trusted friends which you had chosen at activating this feature. This is simply a new form of security question which can be answer easily.

Don’t click on suspicious Links

If someone said you to click on a link for getting many followers or like don’t click on those inks because they are totally spam and illegal. They don’t give any follower or likes they just use you to increasing their followers or likes and hacking your ID so be careful.

Now your turn

These are the best ways to protect your Facebook account. Now it is your turn to safe your ID by applying these settings on it. If you like my post than Please comment below and share with your all friends.

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