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How To Delete WordPress Plugins When You Don’t Able To Access Wp-Admin

Today I have come with a great Trick which really help you. I had also faced this problem recently and hardly got rid of it after hard work of some hours. So I decided to share my experience with you. This article will really help you in deleting or deactivating any WordPress plugin when you don’t able to access Wp-admin. Now you are thinking that how it is possible that you can’t access your own Wp-admin dashboard? Yes this problem can occur any time when your any plugin stop working or have any error. You can’t even visit your website homepage after having this problem and your visitors can’t reach your website.

How to delete Wp plugin

How To Delete WordPress Plugins When You Don’t Able To Access fWp-Admin

Follow these steps to delete any plugins from your website.

  • Go to your website control panel
  • Now open File manager Folder, a pop up window will appear like this picture below click “Go”

Wp-admin accessing

Now navigate to  /wp-content/ folder and open plugins folder.

If you want to delete any plugin just select it and delete it. You can delete any plugin by option given in right sidebar.

And If you want to deactivate all plugins then go to /wp-content/ folder and you will see the folder named “plugins”. Rename this folder with “plugins.deactivate” name. Now your all plugins will deactivate and you can activate them one by one and find out the plugin which is creating problem.

This is very easy and best method to deactivate or delete any of your plugins when you can’t access your Wp-admin dashboard. Hope This article will help you in this trouble. Always use high rated and quality plugins that do not make any issue and not harm your website. If you have any problem or question according this article than just comment us below and Don’t forget to Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

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