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World Best Waterproof Tablets

This Era is the Era Of Technology and many new things have invented which shock human brain. When Computer was invented people thought that it is the final step of science & Technology, no other invention can replace it. But with the passage of time computer has decreased it size and shape and finally converted into mini laptop which again shocked people and they started waiting for new technology after laptop. After laptop Technology introduced its new and best ever product which is called Tablet. Tablet is a mini computer which has a touch screen function. You can run your tablet by touching its screen and do whatever you want. Like computer Tablets also differ from one another in Type, Specifications, Quality and Characteristics.

Today I am writing about the best ever tablets which are more valuable to every person because of their unique characteristic of Water Proofing. Yes Now New Tablets have the ability of water proofing. If your tablet drawn in water by mistake your tablet will never be dead. Here I am sharing best Waterproof Tablets which are best among all. Lets have a look.

Sony Xperia Z

Xperia series is the series of waterproof Tablets. The style of these tablet is elegant. This is Water-resistant and super-strong, this 4G tablet’s high IP55 & IP57 rating mean it’s unaffected by 30 minutes under water and can withstand water jets. So whether you are on poolside or your fingers are wet it can take it easily and never make any problem.

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Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 is world slimest Tabelt with 6.4 mm and 426 g which is very easy to carry and use. It has dust and scratch resistance display and have waterproofing system for enjoying every aspect of life. This is later model of waterproof tablet in Xperia Z series after Xperia Z.

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Xperia Z3

With an impressive IP65/IP68 rating, you won’t ever have to worry about water or dust getting in the way of performance. Take your Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact poolside, find your way in the rain and keep scrolling through your recipe next to the kitchen sink. you can do all of your tasks without any fair of damaging your tablet by water or dust. Xperia Z3 is the latest model of waterproof tablets.

waterproof tablet

 Fujitsu Windows 8 Tablet

Fujitsu Windows 8 Tablet is ultra slim Waterproof and Dust proof Tablet. Fujitsu Guarantees that you can use this tablet anywhere even in bath tank or swimming pool. According to this statement this is superb tablet and have capacity of proofing water in best way.

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Fujitsu waterproof tablet

These are the best Waterproof tablets of this time which really have best features and high market ranking. Hope you like my effort and enjoyed reading this article. Keep visiting and share this with your friends. Also Like our Facebook page. .



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